God & Christ

The Difference between God’s and Christ’s Role

by Daniel Ryan — Posted on July 14, 2015

This is the response I gave after I pondered on a question I was asked; “If Christ is the one who saves us, heals us, is God’s role only to provide us with a savior? What are they’re different roles in our lives?

I think there are two aspects of the gospel that we talk about, but may not understand fully, justice and mercy, and agency.

In order to gain salvation, we need to be judged as perfect. And as a perfected being, God is able to be a true unbiased judge.

However, for his judgement to be pure, none of his actions can affect our agency. If he were to take a role, his ability to judge us would be compromised.

God created a plan for us, but it is only through Christ’s willing sacrifice, the exercise of His agency, can God’s plan be enacted.

From the beginning, the creation of the Earth, until the end, it was and will be Christ who acts. The only action we ever know of God doing is announcing His son.

And as a perfected being, Christ can no longer communicate, easily, with us. Which is why we need the aid of the Holy Ghost, a spirit that can be in the presence of both perfected being, and moral beings.

Which is why the Holy Ghost only came to us after the resurrection.

Now how does this apply to us?

When we pray for guidance, for direction, for knowledge, we pray to The Father. We act through the Power of Christ. We need His strength to uplight us. And He can do this as a perfected being because He is not our Judge, but our advocate.

And we pray to the Father, through the Power of Christ, through the only means we have available, The Holy Ghost. The only other way we can communicate with The Father, and our Savior, would be through transfiguration. Which does not happen very often.

In our lives, we need to strength our relationship with both. With God so that you can better understand his will for you, and with Christ so that you can receive the strength to be obedient to the will of God. It’s important to know what each role is in order to strengthen your relationship with them. Just like the role of a mother and a father are different for a child, they are both equally important. It is important to have a close relationship with both roles. (in both examples)