Flour & Water

Flour & Water

Food Collection

by Daniel Ryan — Posted on Janurary 26, 2015

I can testify that Christ is aware of each and every one of us. He uses those in our lives to bless and uplift us. I know this because of the countless times the He has sent somebody to bless me. But more importantly, I know this because He has used me to bless one of His children. The direction and influence of the Holy Ghost during this experience is undeniable.

Feburary 19th, 2014

As the Service Coordinator for the Involvement, me, along with my program managers Tessa & Justin, were planning a service activity our Involvement-Reps could participate in. Monday & Tuesday we spent a couple hours planning what to do, but no ideas came to use.

Wednesday came and I was worried because of the lack of plan we had for the Involvement Night that night. I prayed before Tessa & Justin came in that we would receive guidance on how to help the students on campus. When they arrived, we meet in the Rigby Lower Lounge to finalize our plan. After the three of use prayed, I stood and up and remembered about a man my friend Anthony told me about. He discreetly told me that this man, i’ll refer as Joe, was out of food.

We quickly formed a plan to get Joe some food. We arranged out reps in pairs, I gave each pair a dollar, and had them go out and play “Bigger, Better, Best” for food. After being gone for about a half hour, the first of the reps started to return. The first pair came back with more then we imagined all the reps combine would bring.

After all of reps brought back a tables worth of food, we prayed one last time for guidance. We came to the conclusion to deliver all of the food to Joe. We wrote a simple note, left the food at his doorstep, and left. We stayed in view to see his reaction. His reaction to the food and the note was amazing. He sat in pure unbelief. We left seeing the gratitude on his face.

It wasn’t until the next day that we realized the impact we made on his life.

My good friend Kevin, Joe’s roommate, shared the conversation they shared. He said:

This truly was an answer to my prayers. I am completely out of food. I used the last of my flour with water for breakfast this morning.

It is amazing how much God directs our lives to help other people. The divine direction to collect food was some of the clearest revelation that i’ve received in my life. God does care for each and every one of his children, and will provide for them in their moments of need. As an instrument of His, I can testify of this!